Chromatic Typewriter

I am in near-constant awe of people’s innovation.  If I’m perfectly honest, I have a lot of technical ability when it comes to art, but not as much inspiration (perhaps from a belief I have nothing of value to say as a working class white girl – I feel self-conscious and fraudulent when it comes to the “message”) and even less patience to execute certain things.  I know, I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to creating…

But back on topic.  There are a lot of other very ingenious, artistic people out there.  One of them is Tyree Callahan, creator of the Chromatic Typewriter.

Callahan replaced the ink pads of this 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter with colored paint pads, and the letter keys became a color guide.  The result, which he submitted to the 2012 West Collects West Prize competition, is a machine that allows you to type out abstract pictures.

I personally find this piece so intriguing because it’s a really interesting combination of machinery – automation – and art.  Of course we’re all familiar with the pop art/mass production phenomenon of the 60’s, and this is an odd blend of handmade and machine-made production techniques.  Of course you can’t mass produce anything with the typewriter, so I suppose it’s not on the exact same level of automated art, but it’s an interesting juxtaposition nonetheless.

And the resulting “paintings” – so far mostly abstractions of landscapes – have an ethereal, misty, watercolor-esqe feel to them.  Of course I bet you can do a whole heck of a lot more with such a machine, especially considering what artists like Keira Rathbone have accomplished using a plain old black-and-white lettered typewriter.

Are you inspired yet?


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  1. LB

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    Dairy (I rarely eat it anyway, but I like yogurt for breakfast sometimes)
    Alcohol (but I’ll only drink my usual quality craft beer and whiskey)
    Caffeine (green tea is totally good for you!)
    Fruit (yes, some extreme diets think fruit has to much sugar)

    Shouldn’t that be “TOO” much sugar?

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