End of 2011 Updates and 2012 Resolutions

Hey there.  I don’t really have any cool new projects or recipes right now, I just figured I’d say hi since I’m pushing ten days since my last post.

Of course the holidays happened, and of course I cooked for Christmas.  In our family we don’t really do a sit-down Christmas dinner, we just make a lot of appetizers and finger foods and graze all day.  And I do mean ALL DAY.  I’m pretty sure I consumed like a week’s worth of calories…and there are still leftovers.  So what did I contribute to the menu?

Only the caramelized onion dip was a new recipe, and I pretty much followed it as it is…and it was super tasty!  Plus it’s a lot healthier than regular dip, since I used nonfat Greek yogurt (lots of protein).  And like I said, I had a ton of leftovers afterward, which has forced me to be creative in how I can use them in healthy ways (after two days of eating peanut brittle, cream cheese canapes and pecan pie, I’ve vowed to be really super healthy this week).  My favorite repurposing has been to put loads of the tomato bruschetta topping on a spinach salad and garnish it with a little goat cheese – so good!

So now that I’m done with holiday cooking, my time has been mostly spent crafting, watching reruns of Project Runway online, hiking (see the pic of Saint Mary’s Glacier below) and thinking up new blog posts.  On the lineup: friendship bracelets, apron-sewing, spicy gingerbread cookies (when I work through the TON of gingersnaps I got from various people for Christmas…I guess my love of ginger cookies is notorious), leather tassel necklaces, garlands…there’s so much I want to do!

Oh!  And I almost forgot to post the pictures of my cookie-baking adventures with my friend Ashley!  We made sugar cookies based off a sour cream recipe her family uses, but I don’t want to post the recipe because we (SHE) accidentally doubled the butter so I don’t know how the original cookies taste.  The ones we wound up with were tasty though, not to sweet and ind of shortbready – they went nicely with the homemade buttercream. We had so much fun making silly shapes and using lots of color!

So…there’s that.  Now we have new year’s to look forward to.  I’m not really a big fan of new year’s resolutions – after all, if you want to make a change, why not start today?  But I have to admit it provides a convenient mental time frame for making committed changes.  When I make them they’re never things I want to accomplish, but more reminders of the mindset I want to have in the coming year.  For 2012 my new year’s resolutions are:

  1. Be present and mindful – live in the moment, do away with fear and worry, appreciate my life more.
  2. Don’t let fear hold me back – follow my passions and take risks.
  3. Show people love and compassion at all times.
  4. Break the cycle of samsara.  This is the Buddhist notion of the cycle of suffering, and a lot of it is linked to desire and attachment and repetitive behaviors that we continue to engage in despite the fact that they’ve only been destructive in the past.  I need to remember that “one more time” will only keep me in samsara, so I have to be committed to breaking patterns and making change.

I know it sounds kind of wishy-washy, but it’s not about sticking to something or failing at something, it’s about practicing the kind of life I want to live.  It’s a reminder to strive for these things in the coming year.  And if I’m sincere about what I want then they’ll be successful.  What are your new year’s resolutions?


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One response to “End of 2011 Updates and 2012 Resolutions

  1. Ashley

    Not wishy-washy at all. Love you — do we get to see you before we leave on Jan. 5?

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