Remaking Art

Oh. My. God.  This site is so cool I’ve been reduced to speaking in shallow colloquialisms because I can’t even express my excitement right now.  OMG people!

It’s always been a (very) secret ambition of mine to pose for a remake of a classic piece of art, whether as a photograph or a painting.  It must be a popular desire because BOOOOOOOM has gotten a ton of submissions for their incredible Remake project, which does just that.

I’m so impressed by people’s creativity and ingenuity with this project.  The submissions range from literal, down-to-the-exact-detail remakes:

To more loose interpretations and approximations of the works:

(Photos, from top: Remake of Draper’s “Pot Pourri” by Tania Brassesco and Lazlo Passi Norberto, and original; remake of Mondrian’s “Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow” by Katie Jackson, and original; remake of Velasquez’s “Las Meninas” by Natalie Pereira, and original.)

I think it’d be really interesting to find out why people chose to recreate the pieces they did.  Do they have an affinity for the piece or the artist?  Do they identify with the subject?  Maybe it just seemed like the easiest one to stage.  I love that people from all over have reimagined these pieces and, in the most literal sense of the term, inserted themselves into the art.  I respect the time and effort put into the literal recreations, and I’m fascinated by how people have reinterpreted the approximations.  They’re all beautifully done and I applaud the participants.

As for me, modeling for an art project IS on my 24 before 25 list.  I’ve always secretly wanted to do a Manet…maybe “Bar at the Folies-Bergere.”  So who wants to get to work??


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