24 Before 25

Before you say anything: yes, I know it’s trendy.  No, I don’t care.

It seems like every blogger and her mom is doing a ___ before ___ list, a list of goals you want to accomplish before your next birthday.  But you know what?  It’s a great idea.  Bucket lists give you too much time to slack off.  Resolutions never last past a month.  But these lists give you specific things to accomplish within a specific period of time – and who wants to celebrate their next birthday knowing they didn’t complete their list?  Now that’s motivation.

For me, I have a good chunk of time to complete my list; my birthday is July 3, so I have about seven months.  It seems like too long, but at the rate I’m going, I might need it.  I made the goals big though, so I need to start now!  So, in no particular order:

24 Before 25

  1. Try rock climbing (indoor or out)
  2. Take swing/Lindy Hop lessons
  3. Finish Gravity’s Rainbow and House of Leaves (both started!)
  4. Meditate at least once a week (starting NOW)
  5. Paint a (finished) picture
  6. Become proficient in sign language
  7. Make a pie
  8. Sew an article of clothing
  9. Try an outdoor winter sport (this is the only one I’m not looking forward to)
  10. Be able to stand up on a slackline
  11. Learn the rules of football and watch a whole game
  12. Write letters of thanks or appreciation to a dozen people
  13. Volunteer (anywhere!)
  14. Go a month without eating high fructose corn syrup
  15. Get a business license
  16. Visit one of the following: Salvation Mountain, Portland, and/or Yellowstone
  17. Read a book in French
  18. Write to a pen pal in another country
  19. Take photos with the Minolta
  20. Learn to knit
  21. Model for an art class or project
  22. Buy stock
  23. Learn Spanish
  24. Celebrate an unfamiliar holiday

So…I think it’s a good list.  I like it.  I’m excited.  Let’s go!


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