All About Mondays

I’m not really all about Mondays.  It’s not that I hate Mondays – it’s not their fault they kick off the workweek, after all.  I just don’t dig them as much as, say, a Saturday.  Or a Thursday I call out from work.  But I digress.

I am all about a lot of other things, and I’ve been meaning to start some sort of editorial schedule in this blog, part of which will be a list of things I love/am in to/recommend.  A la McSweeneys.  So in the interest of convenience I’m going to start doing it today: hence, All About Mondays.  Here goes.

1. The Whole Foods bulk aisle

I have mixed feelings about Whole Foods, but you can’t beat their bulk aisle for baking.  Who wants to pay five dollars for a teeny-tiny bag of grocery story chopped walnuts, or worse yet be forced to buy a ginormous bag of walnuts, when you can just waltz into a Whole Foods and buy just as many as you need?  Appreciate the little things in life, people.  I for one enjoy control where I can get it.  AND it’s eco-friendly if you use those little reusable burlap bags…which I totally don’t.  But I should.  Plus they sell roasted, salted, unshelled bulk pistachios (pro tip: you will eat ALL of these if you buy them) and amazing little ginger cookies that are crispy and spicy and perfect for snacking.

2. Old-school wooden puzzles

There are so many good things about these: the authentic vintage charm, the portability, the aesthetic appeal and decorating value, the hours of entertainment.  Seriously, hours.  See that puzzle there?  It took me two solid hours to put back together.

3. Created Equal by Mark Liata

Mark Liata‘s magnificent portraits are paired in thoughtful, touching and sometimes arresting dichotomies of the human experience.  So beautiful, so enlightening.  Love love love.

4. The work of La Touchables

I love the found-art quality of the jewelry made by Dawn of La Touchables on Etsy.  If you read her featured seller interview, especially, you really get a feel for how she creates and the unexpected inspiration that drives her art – like the resourcefulness of poverty.  I especially love this cuff, but all her work has a certain worldly, ethereal, rough-hewn-but-somehow-prim quality that I adore.

5. Bessie Smith

I love all Blues, but lately I can’t get enough of Bessie Smith (well, and Muddy Waters).  The smoky voice, the sometimes doleful, sometimes flippant lyrics, the whole feel…perfection.  I can’t stop listening to her anthology, especially when I cook.

6. Boots

Duh.  As if I have to say any more.  This is like one of the only photos I have of me in boots…Why?!


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