The B Word

It’s budget.  Stop being so vulgar.

I’ve officially started to freak out about money.  Again.  Now that I’m all stocked up on boots and cardigans it is most definitely time to start SAVING.  So what do you think?  Are you along for the ride?

I actually cut my credit card bill in HALF this June by making and sticking to a budget, and I think I need to do that again starting in October.  Of course it was a lot easier in the summer, when I could live solely on Fudgsicles and there were plenty of free festivals and hikes to entertain me.  But I have faith.  I can eat peanut butter and go sledding a lot.  Or something.

Basically my budget will work like this: pay all necessary expenses (rent, utilities, cell phone, internet, gas, car insurance and the odd medical and pet bills that pop up).  Then I get $250 a month for food and $100 a month for entertainment and other miscellaneous wants.  That sounds daunting, right?  It’s actually not that bad, I’ll just have to get really creative with how I spend my time.  Actually, I bet having to entertain myself without spending money will be good for my artistic/crafty side.  And that’s good for you, because I’ll have lots of fun posts!  So I’m not worried…mostly.

I’ll keep you posted on the clever ways I find to save money and spend my time, and update the blog on my budget progress.  You’ll keep me accountable, like in And Then She Saved.  Deal?  It will be better than it sounds, I promise.  This is valuable Indie Girl living advice, people.  And it is totally FREE.

You’re welcome.


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