Sweater Weather

So, in addition to the cool-weather cooking (pumpkin cookies and spiced lattes and roasted root vegetables…mmm…) fashion is another thing I love love love about autumn.  Except not fashion.  I hate the word fashion.  I like the clothes.  I like scarves and boots and cozy sweaters and going thrift store shopping with my mama, which we only ever do when it’s cold out.  I heart thrift stores like whoa.

So, true to obsessive form, I’ve been poring over style blogs like mad lately.  Particularly Elsie’s A Beautiful Mess and Elizabeth’s Delightfully Tacky, but I’m also constantly discovering new little quirky nooks of the interwebs to inspire me.  I think I might start doing more style news and outfit posts, yeah?  Just a forewarning, though, I am not as adorable as Elsie and Elizabeth.  But maybe Christine can help me with some good shots?

Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky

So the lesson is there are lots of lovely style blogs on the internet by a lot of lovely ladies.  And then there’s Urban Outfitters.  Can I just take an uncharacteristic paragraph to rant for a second?  Because…seriously. What exactly is going on with Urban Outfitters?  Their new catalog looks like an awkward, cracked-out mashup of the nineties, like The Craft meets SLC Punk meets Lizzie McGuire if she grew up and developed a drug problem.  Urban Outfitters is now almost too hipster for itself.  Not that I really have anything personal against the store (hell, I used to work for Anthropologie.  Employee discount…swoon), I just find the intentionally hideous styling to be trite and annoying.  And then there’s the whole thing about Urban stealing ideas from independent designers

From Urban Outfitters' fall catalog. WTF?

Okay. Rant over.  I’ll go back to my normal happy-but-awkward demeanor.  So can we maybe talk about Anthropologie a little bit more?  About how I love it and how they have an amazing design team because their catalogs always make me believe their products will lead to a perfect life (hey, at least I recognize it) and how I can’t afford it and how talking about clothes like this makes me feel like a materialistic whore of capitalism but I don’t care?  Can we talk about that?  Can you buy me this skirt?

From Anthropolgie's fall catalog.

I totally mean what I say about them having an amazing design team.  I’m pretty darn savvy to marketing and media and all that jazz, but I completely fall in love with the notion of the Anthro lifestyle every time I look at their photos.  Not the clothes, mind you.  The idea of Anthropologie.  It takes talent to do that, to market a lifestyle concept.  I mean I know advertisers always try to place their product within a certain context, make it an integral part of the framework of a certain kind of life, but Anthropologie isn’t a product, it’s a store.  It’s not even marketing items, it’s marketing itself, and very successfully at that.  So hats off to you, Anthro.  I’ll buy in.

So…this post is sort of convoluted and directionless.  I apologize.  I will be sharing more bits of fall style though! And collaborating with Christine on doing style shoots.  She, after all, is the one with the nice camera.  And the talent.  So stay tuned!


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