Happy September!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that it’s finally September.  Well, I guess I can begin to tell you…I just did…you know what I mean. I love autumn more than ice cream and at least as much as kittens.  Autumn means wearing scarves and boots, baking pumpkin cookies (baking anything, really), reading outside while sipping a spiced latte, watching the trees turn lovely shades of warm, cramming in the last baseball games of the season…I’m getting giddy just thinking about it.  Most importantly, it means the start of cooler weather and the reinvigoration of my desire to create.  Art projects, come to me now!

Since I’m feeling so warm and fuzzy right now thinking about things I love, I thought I’d do a mini-blog roll and share some of my favorite sources of inspiration on the web.  Stumble Upon is a fantastic resource for new material, so if you don’t have an account you should get one.  Do it.  Other than Stumble Upon, there’s…


Joy the Baker

Possibly my inspiration for starting this blog, Joy is probably the girl we all want to be.  She’s funny and quirky and tells it like it is…in the sweetest way possible.  Plus she’s a dang good cook, and I am still trying to cram in all the cookie, bread and crumble recipes of hers I want to try.  Recipes like zucchini sweet potato bread, which I’ve tried and loved, and vegan cherry carrot cookies, which I am dying to bake.  She also has a great podcast where she talks about things like boys and leggings and dessert with Tracy, who writes my next blog…



Shutterbean is another lovely food blog, with a wider range than just baking.  Tracy is a lot like Joy (which makes sense, right?), with a great voice, awesome photographs and yummy recipes like Vietnamese noodle salad.



Design*Sponge covers the gamut of food, fashion, craft a decor.  It’s a good source of inspiration, though not always the very most relatable.  Still, who doesn’t like to look at pretty things?


So Much to Tell You

So Much to Tell You is a fashion-oriented blog by two girls from New Zealand.  I just started reading it, and while it’s not always my taste I am always inspired by the offbeat, beautiful and random things that they curate.  I like the idiosyncrasies in people’s tastes (which is why I liked Tavi Gevinson’s Style Rookie until she became less eccentric fashion maven and more angsty teenage girl…not that I hold it against her).  I guess I like random curatorial blogs in general (i.e. Delightfully Tacky or This is Colossal)…


A Beautiful Mess

Fashion + craft + design.  What more could you want?


Not Martha

This one is craft + food + travel + helpful and interesting links collected from the internet.  Also a win.  And I love the title.


Home, Made

Duh.  It’s Christine’s blog.  As if you had to ask.


So…is that all?  No.  I did say mini-blog roll though, so now at least you know a few of my favorites.  I love spending lazy mornings eating scones and drinking coffee and reading art and design blogs, there’s no way I could list them all.  Now I get to make maple scones and cinnamon coffee and actually DO the projects I want, in addition to reveling in the inspiration.  Onward, autumn!


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