DIY: Jewelry Display Board

I kind of have a thing for scarves.  Maybe it’s because I’m always cold, but I own a heck of a lot of them.  I also have a thing for jackets, which, FYI, are the very best things to buy at thrift stores: even when used they rarely stretch or shrink, and they’re usually a really good bargain since they’re expensive when new.  But I digress.

I have a lot of scarves, even though I truthfully only wear a few of them on any regular basis.  I also have a pretty good amount of jewelry, mostly in necklace and earring form.  I don’t know about you, but those little jewelry boxes and necklace racks just don’t cut it for me, so I needed to figure out a new way to store all that stuff.  The solution: functional art. Leave it on display!

The main method of display is this really easy cork jewelry display board:

So, how-to?  First, for the hanging items (necklaces and hangable earrings) I used a plain corkboard from Target and some thumbtacks and nice cup hooks from the home improvement section.  I stuck the hooks in randomly at varying heights by pushing them into the cork then screwing them through.  I then grouped necklaces by style and length, and stuck thumbtacks in the bare spots for some earrings.  I also added a couple old postcards and a handful of pretty brooches and hair clips to make it interesting.  You could even buy a fancy-pants corkboard or paint the frame if the brown isn’t doing it for you.  My friend Christine also had the awesome idea of using drawer pulls as necklace pegs…looks like it might be time for me to upgrade my own board!

You can hang it up on your wall if you want, but I chose to leave mine on the dresser top along with all my other jewelry. My inspiration for just scattering things across my dresser – artfully, of course – was those old vanity tables from like the 1940’s.  You know the kind: spindly legs, tri-fold mirror, drawers on each side.  I imagine the tops strewn with ornate hair combs and tortoiseshell brushes and red lipstick and black-and-white photographs.  Very glamorous.

Anyway, for the items I couldn’t put on the corkboard, I collected a few small, pretty containers: thrift store finds, an old craft box, a tea tin, a metal votive holder.  Really anything will do, as long as you like how it looks.  I used these for bracelets, rings, more earrings and other miscellaneous pieces that needed homes.  I also left some items out, like an old perfume bottle and a few antique brooches, to give it that real old-school feel.

And then, of course, the scarves.  I used two plain coat hooks from a hardware store and hung them all by my dresser, but a towel rack would also work really well.  Get creative!  The point is, it’s okay to leave things out in the open.  If you like to look at pretty things on your body, why not look at pretty things in your room, too?


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