Bienvenidos.  I hope I spelled that right.  I took French in high school.

I guess before I launch into my first real post, I should explain a little bit about this blog.  It is, as the tag line says, a blog about home life for the indie girl.  I’m an indie girl.  When I put on a straw fedora I’m a downright hipster.  I’m twenty-something, uber-liberal, vegetarian, kind of a commitment-phobe.  I work at a nonprofit and I love art shows.  I really hate babies.

However, I also love cooking, cleaning, baking, sewing, crafting – a whole bunch of stereotypical homemaker activities.  I guess this isn’t really out of the question, but I always thought my domestic tendencies were sort of an odd contrast to my personality.  I mean, I’d make a great wife if I wasn’t so defensively independent.  Actually, though, I’ve found a lot of other people just like me (I’m talking to you, Etsy sellers and/or anyone who shops at Anthropologie) so I wanted to create a blog that combined all the tips, ideas and inspirations I’ve collected for this sort of thing.  I’ll include recipes, craft tutorials, thrifting advice…and…uh…other things.  It’s still in the works.

Anyway.  I hope you come back.  Please?  I promise there will be some neat stuff up here…and share your ideas or questions if you have them!  Till next time…



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